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Got Questions?

Check out Captain Dan's responses to some of the most frequently asked questions sportsmen ask.

Invite Dan to inspire & challenge the men in your church! A lifetime spent guiding men to adventures has given him a unique perspective that will encourage your men.

What We Do

  • Wild Game Dinner

  • Men's retreats--weekend or one-day

  • Preaching

  • Ministry conference

  • Small Group Gathering

  • School Assembly

wild game dinners

Captain Dan mixes stories of trophy fish, storms and his 36-year journey as a professional fisherman with the greatest rescue story ever told--the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Go into all the world and preach the Good News

Dan has a unique ability to open God's word as we navigate life in a post modern culture. Please contact us for references.

Men's retreats

When you take a man and place him in nature and remove the demands of daily life you can take his soul to a deeper place. Help to refuel your men and re-calibrate their internal compass through time away and encouraging lessons designed to equip and strengthen a man's soul. Many churches find that a two or three day retreat is a great way to deepen community and strengthen a man's heart for the daily battles we all face.

Men's Night Out!

Life is moving faster than ever and men today face challenges from every angle of life. Culture is telling men that they don't matter! You can be replaced! But the truth is, men  play a huge  role in the landscape of family, work and culture. You can counter this deadly message by investing time and resources into developing and growing the men in your community.

Motivational Speaking

Fishing is a risky occupation. From the weather, to the clients to the catch; nothing is guarantied! But the promise of great rewards makes the challenge all the sweeter!

Captain Dan will challenge and inspire your corporate event through gifted stories drawing parallels between the rugged world of a professional fisherman and the modern work world. 

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