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Online Salmon Coaching


Dan has successfully worked with anglers all across the Great Lakes!

It's like having Captain Dan on your boat! One-on-one instruction with Dan over zoom, phone or in person will help you catch more fish! Rookie & experienced anglers alike can benefit from Dan's 40-plus years of experience as he custom designs every coaching session to focus on the waters you fish, your boat, equipment and the tactics, strategies & lures that will help you maximize your time on the water. $120 per hour or $280 for three hours (used over two or three sessions)

Sample Topics

All coaching packages are geared to your level of experience and custom designed.

Learn where to fish

Dan uses online Navionics and bathyspheric charts to help you identify key areas that hold fish off your home port. We also discuss how weather & seasons impacts currents and fish migrations.

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Boat Set Up

Your boat is the platform for success. Proper placement of rod holders, downriggers, electronics and tackle storage will increase your productivity and make fishing less stressful.

Salmon 101

If your new to salmon fishing, this will shorten your learning curve and save $$$ as Dan helps you identify the tackle, lures and basic methods needed to catch fish.

Game Plan

Let Dan help you make a plan for the upcoming season. Rookie or Pro, Dan will help you organize the lures and tackle needed, identify where to begin fishing and productive tactics.

Ongoing Mentoring

Book Dan for a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly calls during the season to help you adjust your tactics & strategies.

($80 per hour)

Advanced Tactics & Strategies

This is a deep dive into the finer details of locating fish, making wise decisions and adjusting your spread.

Q & A with

Over a 1 hour zoom call you can ask Dan all the questions about the lakes, fish, and presentations that affect you.

($120 per hour/3 hours $240)

Message Dan to design a coaching program to help you catch more fish in 2022!

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