Salmon Coaching


It's like having Captain Dan on your boat! One-on-one instruction with Dan over zoom, phone or in person will help you catch more fish this season! Rookie & experienced anglers alike can benefit from Dan's 40-plus years of experience as he custom designs every coaching session to focus on your tactics & strategies.

Coaching Options


Spring Tune UP

A 1-hour zoom call where Dan will help you organize your presentations and prepare a game plan so you can make the most of your time on the water. ($120 per hour)


Q & A with Dan

Over a 1 hour zoom call you can ask Dan all the questions about the lakes, fish, and presentations used to be successful.

($120 per hour)


Advanced Strategies

For experienced anglers who want to tap into Dan's vast experiences and knowledge and help you take your fishing to the next level.

($120 per hour)


Salmon 101

New to salmon fishing? Dan will help you lay a solid foundation from boat set up to tackle selection to how to pick lures. ($120 per hour, book 3 hours or more $80 per hour)


Ongoing Mentoring

Book Dan for a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly call during the season to help you adjust your tactics & strategies.

($80 per hour)


Advanced Lake Systems

This private lesson will teach you how the GL's unique environment, currents & local weather patterns influence migration patterns of prey & predator. ($140 per hour)

Message Dan to design a coaching program to help you catch more fish in 2022!