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Shorten Your Learning Curve

One-on-one mentoring with Captain Dan Keating

Salmon Coaching

Captain Dan works with anglers across the Great Lakes teaching them how to locate ancd catch salmon & trout



My goal is to help you, take the boat (big or small) & equipment you have and your current experience and train and guide you to make the most of your time on the water & maximize your catching and enjoyment potential!

Your Mentor

Captain Dan Keating has spent his life chasing Great Lakes salmon & trout through 36 years of full time chartering, tournament fishing and 15 years of recreational experience. He has authored 5 books, 2 dvd's, given hundreds of seminars and conducts the Great Lakes Salmon Schools. He is an excellent, engaging communicator and holds a BA and MA from UIC and Wheaton Grad School.


How it Works

We offer 1 hour coaching blocks. You can purchase individually or in a 3-pack that can be split into three individual meetings. Dan works with you over Zoom (in person for local anglers).


1-Hour $120.00

3-Pack $280.00

(can be used over individual meetings)

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