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I had the chance to attend your seminar in Michigan & just wanted to say thank you for an excellent presentation! Your attention to detail was awesome. Your passion for the sport shows!

Mark, Holland MI

Great seminar, Keating is as entertaining as he is informative!

Thomas C, WI

This book is a must have for fishing on the Great Lakes! It is very detailed and has information you can use anywhere you fish.


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Excellent seminar. Thank you for sharing your years of experience and knowledge.

Heather M, NY

Thanks for coming and sharing your knowledge. It was worth every mile to be there!

Adam F, MN

Great seminar from a gracious host. I was concerned going twice in consecutive years would be repetitious. Tons of new material and tactics for all 5 species. If you go, take a notebook and a couple pens!

Clayton B, WI

Great teaching book & an entertaining read. The captain has the experience to tell you what works and more importantly, why it works.

         Scott S, MI

Thoroughly enjoying your books. I have always bought magazines etc. about fishing looking for tips but I must say the amount of knowledge and specifics you have so generously shared has been fantastic. You have truly given of yourself and what I am learning I can't wait to apply next summer. I am so appreciative of your generosity. The world would be a much better place if people shared the way you have done so.

Dave M, Ontario CA

The class was very informative & the cost affordable. I thought 6 hours would be to long but after taking the class that wasn't enough time!

Joe W, I

I bought this book for my husband and created a monster! He goes fishing every almost weekend! He attended one of Dan Keating's seminars and loved that as well. This book is easy to read & understand, even for a beginner!

Amazon reader

The best fishing seminar! Well worth the price of admission, see you there.

Jerry F, IL

Maybe the most authoritative book on Great Lakes salmon fishing ever. Full of great information. Only a Bozo idiot would think otherwise.

Dave Mull, Editor Great Lakes Angler Magazine

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