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Sometimes the Sportsmen who attend our outreaches can be indifferent when the speaker shares the spiritual challenge.  But Captain Dan had a very effective way of drawing them in and keeping their attention, while he was sharing very significant biblical life truths.  He artfully brought the skeptic and unbeliever step by step through the process of coming to faith in Christ. His sincerity and personal life story, gave him a certain credibility, that made the audience really lock into his every word  I think it was one of the most effective evangelistic presentations we've had in our 12 years of Sportsmen’s Banquets. 


Dallas Dix – Associate Pastor – East Bay Calvary Church, Traverse City, Michigan 


Captain Dan delivered his fantastic, compelling message, "Fishing Through a Storm".  There was not a person in the audience that was not able to relate through their own personal storms of life.  We so appreciated the object lessons of his program. The dividends from this event were eternal!


Dale Stough, Event Coordinator

Church of the Open Door, York PA

It was a privilege to have Capt. Dan speak to our men. His stories of fishing and adventure on the water really connected with the men of our church and let us know he’s a real guy. When he then weaved his testimony and the call to be a fisher of men, we found he is not just a real guy but a true man. Dan encouraged, inspired and challenged our men to walk with Christ and be the men God has called them to be. It was a great day for us.

Mark Albrecht

Senior Pastor

North Bridge Church, Antioch, IL

Dan Keating made a huge contribution at our No Regrets Men’s Conference. Dan has a gripping life story which appeals to the average guy who has questions about navigating life and he has a commanding communication style that draws men in. Out of our four breakout speakers, his talk "The Ultimate Rescue," was by far the most talked about and captivating talk of the conference. If you are looking for a quality speaker, I would highly recommend him!

John Engberg

Associate Pastor

Chain of Lakes Community Bible Church, Lake Villa, IL

We have had the pleasure of having Dan speak at our annual wild game dinner in 2011. Dan’s connection to sportsmen and his Savior are evident throughout his testimony and stories. Dan’s personal insight into God’s leading is enlightening and entertaining and leaves you wanting more. I would highly recommend Dan as a speaker and insightful disciple of Christ.

Chip Green, Men’s Ministry Leader

Bethany Baptist Church, Monroe, MI

Dan hit a home run with that talk! I look so forward to having him join us again in the very near future.

Scott Cramer, Men’s Ministry Leader

Woodridge Community Church, New Berlin WI


Captain Dan has the ability to weave God’s story with his own life story leaving men with a great understanding of the life change that comes from a relationship with Christ.

Rob Warnell

Associate Pastor

Fox River Christian Church, Waukesha, WI


Without a doubt, Dan was the best speaker we had in the past 17 years at our men’s breakfast.  He was able to take his fishing boat captain experiences and share them in a captivating, motivating, and inspirational way. He intertwined his life experiences throughout, and connected with the audience from the very beginning. He weaved the gospel into his talk in such a natural way that most people didn’t even realize it until he concluded with a challenge from the Bible – and they saw how it all came together.

Rev. Paul Thompson

“I'm a testimonial. Click me to edit and add text that says something nice about you and your services. Click me to edit and add text that says something nice about you and your services.”

Samantha Jones, Project Manager

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