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What We Do

We provide high quality, entertaining fishing seminars, inspirational talks, Faith based talks & retreats, and our highly attended Salmon Schools.

Teaching, Inspiring & Challenging Men

Teaching Men to see the Unseen

On the water, at home and in life

Captain Dan has spent his life chasing fish across open water, guiding men from all backgrounds of life, and wrestling with the storms that attack men as they work out their roles of being a husband, father, friend and worker. Dan has a gift to communicate with a man's heart through vivid stories woven with God's word and practical applications.

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Wild Game Dinners

Dan invites men to listen to their life and to wrestle with the questions and struggles that matter most. After dropping out of college in 1982 Dan built one of the most successful charter fishing businesses on the Great Lakes. Despite the great catches of fish, financial gain and tournament victories, he was dying on the inside. Dan was a rebel on the run who eventually ran into the greatest storm he had ever faced. It was in the midst of that storm that God threw Dan the first of seven life rings. This began a long and painful journey that led a broken man who failed to find meaning in the pleasures of this world to travel around the globe in search of truth. After returning with more questions than answers, Dan returned to the only life he knew; fishing. And it was then that he met God.


Storms. No matter your background, education or financial worth, we all face storms. How will you respond when the next storm overtakes you? Any storm has the capacity to redirect our lives, strengthen our resolve or capsize a life. Through transparent stores, Dan speaks from the desires of a man's heart and the scars on our souls through the illumination of scripture in a style men can receive.


Equip your men to face tomorrow through one of our workshops. Through story, scripture and teaching, Dan will help your men re-calibrate their vision and encourage their souls.

Weekend Retreats:

When you take a man and place him in nature and remove the demands of daily life you can take his soul to a deeper place. Help to refuel your men and re-calibrate their internal compass through time away and encouraging lessons designed to equip and strengthen a man's soul. Many churches find that a two or three day retreat is a great way to deepen community and strengthen a man's heart for the daily battles we all face.

One Day Retreats:

A one day on site retreat is a great way to take your men out of the rat-race for a moment, and to re-calibrate their internal compass. Dan will work with you to design a custom message to help you encourage and equip the men of your church where they are at today.

Motivational Speaking

Fishing for a living has always been one of the most uncertain and risky occupations on earth. As a professional fisherman Dan has lived with the tension between facing dangerous weather and wave conditions with the potential reward of the catch. Having navigated this world since he was 18, Dan brings valuable insights into all realms of life about how we can measure potential risk and prepare ourselves to face the storms that lie on the edge of all our horizon's.


Have Captain Dan give your Pastor a much needed break.

Sample Topics
Get out of the Boat!
Fishing Boat

Jesus called Peter to put his fear aside and to trust Him when he called him to walk on the water. Peter stepped out of the boat but was distracted by the wind and waves! Does Jesus still call men to walk on water? Having spent his life working on big waves, Dan brings a unique perspective to this story as he guides men to look beyond the wind and waves. The distractions the average man faces today can be overwhelming. This powerful story sheds light into our own souls as we learn to what it means to follow Jesus.

Really, Lord? You want ME to Follow?


Jesus chose a handful of fishermen to be his first followers. Captain Dan has made a living for 36 years in an unpredictable and risky occupation—fishing. He brings powerful insights into what it means to follow Jesus, on our best days as well as our worst days. Through stories of his experiences fishing in primitive locations around the world to dealing with the adversity and unpredictability of the fishing industry, to his failures at home and on the water, he speaks into the hearts of men. Just like the first disciples, men today have hidden dreams, passions and scars. Through the experiences of the first disciples, we can learn what it means to follow Jesus at home, work and play, even when it feels like swimming upstream.

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