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What are you Counting?

Fishermen like to count things . . . how many Moonshines do I have? How many lines am I running? How many fish did I (or you!) catch? But, do we ever count our days? Stay with me. As winter descends over the landscape my heart often wanders into the future . . . and back into the days that came before.

Look closely at the photo above. It’s a beautiful fish, but look closely at the word circled in red—legacy.

Psalm 90:12 has been on my heart lately, “teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.” I’ll be honest, I rarely think about my days, let alone the collective impact my days have on anyone. But the truth is, we all leave a legacy. Legacy is more than money and property. It’s the collective impact, for good or bad that our words, actions and time have on the relationships of our lives. It’s the time, skills, values, faith and love that we leave with those who come after us.

If you fish like I do, you make frequent adjustments to the lures and lines you are running. I challenge you to spend a few moments pondering the legacy you are leaving. Take Psalm 90:12 and lay it across the days and relationships the Lord has blessed you with. Not as a guilt trip but a reminder to make the most of the days that lay before you.

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